AURORA TM Share is offered as an integrated module of the AURORA platform.

Having the ability to maintain translation memories (TMs) in a centralized repository and share them across language service providers (LSPs) is a significant challenge for clients who utilize more than one LSP.

Although clients have long recognized the investment value of TMs and the cost as well as time savings they represent, enabling all LSPs to access and leverage existing TMs is not only empowering to a client, but also to each LSP who serves the same client. Fortunately, this is no longer an issue with AURORA TM Share solution.

Because TM Share is integrated into the AURORA platform, it employs the same streamlined, secure Web-based work environment. AURORA TM Share also provides the flexibility to manage access rights based on user type (e.g., client user vs. LSP user) to ensure that only authorized information and features can be accessed.

Key Benefits

The main benefits of TM Share are:

  • Provides one centralized, scalable storage repository for all translation memories regardless of originator
  • Enables audit trails for quality assurance purposes by uniquely identifying translation assets and their originators
  • Uses a self-managed approach, which eliminates the need for a client’s involvement in the TM sharing (no additional oversight required)
  • Eliminates capital investments and the need for client-supplied equipment through a hosted service
  • Support of all language combinations
  • Scalable storage capacity to grow with client needs
  • Reporting capabilities to provide insights into TM leveraging (usage), cost savings, and more

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Audit trail capabilities

AURORA TM Share’s journal feature shows all activity within the TM repository allowing complete traceability both on a user and segment level.

Easily search the translation memory

AURORA TM Share also allows users to easily search the TM. When combined with AURORA Review, In-country reviewers can approve translated content and search the TM all through a simple-to-use Web interface.


Key Features

In addition to the main benefits, TM Share offers the following key features:

  • Unique and secure, Web-based login allows easy access from anywhere and at any time (24/7)
  • Flexible configuration of users and access rights
  • Journal feature provides full audit trail capabilities
  • Import/export of translation memories in industry-standard TMX format
  • Support of other file formats possible
  • Search and replace of selected terminology
  • Comprehensive search filters to refine terminology searches
  • Custom configuration of client-specific attributes to optimize terminology searches and auditing (e.g., by product, by project, by LSP, by translator, etc.)