AURORA Review is offered as an integrated module of the AURORA platform. AURORA Review employs a secure, Web-based work environment to streamline the in-country review (ICR) process of translated content.

In addition, AURORA Review provides the flexibility to manage access rights and utilizes role-based workflows to ensure that each process participant accesses only relevant information and performs applicable tasks. This approach establishes a clearly defined and reliable review process.

Key Benefits

The main benefits of AURORA Review are:

  • Provides faster and streamlined translation reviews through task automation and a controlled work environment
  • Enables audit trails for quality assurance purposes by uniquely identifying review edits and originator
  • Establishes consistent, reliable reviews and quality assurance of translations and terminology
  • Eliminates capital investments and the need for client-supplied equipment through a simple-to-use hosted service



Streamlined work environment

Reviewers no longer have to download and upload Word documents or PDF files. All translations for review, instructions, due dates, and reference material are online and in a controlled environment. All review changes and updates are in real-time. Reviewers and approvers no longer have to maintain version control between updates – all changes are available to all contributors as soon as they are made.

Get a handle on all of your reviews

AURORA Review provides visibility of review status in one place and in real time. See which languages are complete and which are overdue. Project sponsors can even generate reports from the Review module to see timeliness performance and benchmarking across languages.



Edit the review live in the browser

Reviewers can view and edit their text live in their browser. Click on a cell, edit the translation, and they are done. No confusion over comments or descriptions of changes to be made.

Lock or hide previously reviewed translations

Why waste time reviewing already approved translations? AURORA Review allows locking and hiding content that has already been through in-country review. Reviewers can quickly and easily concentrate on new content only.



Add comments to any segments, whether locked or not

AURORA Review’s commenting feature allows any contributor to add comments to segments. Comment history and time-stamping allows collaboration between reviewers, translators, and terminology specialists.

All communication is handled within AURORA

Since all communication between reviewers, project sponsors, and LUZ’s project teams is handled within the system, all project status is up-to-date and in real time. As soon as reviews are marked complete, LUZ’s project teams are notified and the project is automatically moved on to the next stage.


Key Features

In addition to the main benefits, AURORA Review offers the following key features:

  • Uniquely-assigned and secure, Web-based login allows easy access from anywhere at any time (24/7)
  • Flexible configuration of users and their access rights
  • Automated status updates provide visibility about the review progress
  • Role-based workflows and information access
  • Ability to lock/hide previously reviewed (approved) content to manage review scope
  • Comprehensive filter options to display selected segment types (e.g., hide/show revised segments)
  • Ability to include review comments
  • Ability to reassign review jobs (requires expanded user rights)
  • Secure review sessions via HTTPS
  • Support of all language combinations