Since AURORA provides a comprehensive translation framework, our clients benefit from access to key information and metrics to make informed business decisions.

AURORA provides reporting metrics in three key areas (financial, quality, and schedule) allowing our clients to measure and trend performance. AURORA’s reporting capabilities reflect our mission to demystify the translation process and to provide visibility into the process – if we track it, we can provide reporting for it.

Key Benefits

AURORA Reports allows our clients to:

  • Track and monitor translation spend across groups, divisions, or regions
  • View translation spend across services types or languages pairs
  • Measure performance of translation assets, including translation memory leveraging
  • Track quality metrics
  • Monitor on-time delivery rates
  • Customize reports by time period or compare year by year
  • Produce and export reports which can be shared with colleagues



Real-time updating

AURORA Report’s data comes directly from the AURORA Platform that all team members use on a daily basis (project managers, linguists, desktop publishers, QA staff, etc.). As soon as any project team member updates or completes a task, the data is instantly available to our clients.

Filter reports by submitter or division

All reports can be generated or filtered by project submitter or division. AURORA Report’s interface allows control over who has access to company-wide information. Settings are maintained across all reports allowing users to quickly see key metrics.



View spending by language, service, or division

All spending reports can be filtered to show exactly where budgets are being spent. Reports can be generated and exported to ensure that per-country investment is in line with sales potential.

Generate invoice reports

Purchasing groups can have instant access to a list of all invoices and export in Excel format. Missing an invoice? The report includes a link to each invoice in PDF format.



View on-time delivery and first-pass yield metrics

AURORA Reports provides comprehensive on-time delivery and first-pass yield metrics allowing clients to monitor time-to-market rates and key quality metrics.

View language performance

AURORA provides comprehensive reporting for savings by translation memory, leveraging performance, and word counts by language. The Performance reports shows No Match, Fuzzy Match, and Exact Match in an easy to analyze format ensuring optimal usage of translation assets.


Key Features

In addition to the main benefits, AURORA Reports offers the following key features:

  • View real-time data. The moment a project is launched in AURORA, its data is available through AURORA Reports. LUZ’s project teams do not have to manually update or enable any raw data to allow it to be available through AURORA.
  • Flexible configuration of users and access rights giving colleagues access to metrics from just their projects or across a multinational organization.
  • Customizable grouping. See reporting by division, product line, or any subset of groupings.
  • View worldwide financial data in your currency. AURORA manages all currency conversion to allow reporting in a local currency.
  • View word-count and translation memory leveraging data, enabling performance comparisons across all languages.
  • View on-time delivery and quality metrics, ensuring that key contract performance metrics are being met.
  • Export reports and raw data in CSV format.
  • Export and print reports in PDF format for presentation to colleagues.