In-Country Review Management

Life science companies rely on high quality and accurate translations to avoid improper and unsafe product use as well as minimize liabilities. Some life science companies manage this risk by conducting their own in-country reviews (ICR), also called subsidiary or affiliate reviews. This typically involves allocating clients’ own subject-matter experts for reviewing translated product information and company-specific terminologies.

Our project management teams are accustomed to coordinating client interactions and managing review activities that involve client-assigned resources. By proactively managing in-country review activities, we ensure not only a consistent and reliable review, but also provide a proper infrastructure for capturing and managing terminologies.

Furthermore, our AURORA platform provides an integrated AURORA Review module allowing for a streamlined framework for conducting client reviews, including:

  • Ability to filter 100% matches so that client reviewers only need to focus on new content
  • Ability to “lock” segments so that reviewers cannot change previously approved content
  • Ability to search previously translated content through translation memory (TM) lookup feature

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IRAP Lite™ Solution

Our Independent Review and Approval Process (IRAP) solution is a supplemental quality assurance service available to LUZ’s clients.

The general purpose of this service is to provide clients with an independent quality review of translated product information and particular terminology. Furthermore, it enables clients to outsource linguistic QA activities without consuming internal resources or interrupting core business operations.

The IRAP service is optional and focuses on the accuracy of translations. It can replace clients’ existing in-country review process and become an independent review process for those clients that do not have an in-country review process.

The review is performed by third-party linguists with subject matter expertise in the respective field and industry. Moreover, this QA service involves professional linguists who are native speakers of the target language. As a result, the review process is faster and more cost-effective because a back translation is no longer needed for verifying the accuracy of the original translation.

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