Process Design

Good process design is invaluable and affects the effectiveness of overall productivity and quality control. Our process design consulting services ensure that clients’ business processes are configured and optimized for global content development as well as related localization activities.

Moreover, the underlying Total Cost of Ownership for deploying a global labeling environment may not always be transparent to fully understand all underlying cost drivers.

Focus areas of our service may include but are not limited to:

  • Existing process capabilities
  • Process interdependencies
  • Process alignment and compatibility
  • Workaround practices
  • Existing process constraints
  • Required skill sets and knowledge for facilitating the process
  • Process inputs and outputs

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Technology Deployment

As is the case with good process design, selecting and deploying appropriate technologies can also have a significant impact on productivity and quality control. In contrast, technology is often a catalyst for both good and bad business practices.

Thus, together with a review of existing business practices, our consulting services provide clients with access to unique expertise and experiences with enterprise-level technologies as well as their deployment, including:

  • Migration to content management systems (e.g., Documentum, Arbortext, etc.)
  • Implementation and custom development of document management systems (e.g., Microsoft SharePoint)
  • Migration to structured authoring environments (e.g., XML, Structured FrameMaker, etc.)

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