Delivering quality translations goes beyond the translation itself. It’s the robustness and quality of the entire delivery system that define our clients’ experience with us and our offerings.

First and foremost, we are a service business that utilizes human skills and technology as a means to facilitate a positive client experience in addition to delivering quality services.

Account Management

  • Dedicated project managers (single point-of-contact)
  • Dedicated language teams to ensure consistent quality and terminology
  • Scheduled project status updates
  • Free access to features of AURORA, including bid requests, project status updates, spending history, service performance data, translation quality metrics, etc.


  • Certified Quality Management System (ISO 9001/ISO 13485/EN 15038)
  • Industry-compliant business practices (ASTM F-2575-06)
  • Expanded quality assurance (LUZ QA™ Model) to manage quality at all levels
  • Utilization of SAE J2450 standard for measuring translation quality and monitoring linguistic performance
  • Unique AURORA platform for managing quality records including document control, CAPAs, project delivery, etc.
  • Certified, prequalified, and tested linguists
  • Continuous improvement of business practices
  • Ongoing training of staff/team members

Capacity and Scalability

  • Over 1,500 life science linguists, editors/proofreaders, desktop publishing specialists, and localization engineers
  • On-demand linguists to support more than 100 common language combinations
  • Modular, predefined account team structures to ensure timely and responsive service
  • Integrated service approach through AURORA allows consistent and streamlined project management across account teams and geographies regardless of project size, type, and frequency