Best Practices Review – Labeling of Investigational Medicinal Products in International Clinical Trials

Regulatory Challenges and Multilingual Solutions
May 31, 2016

As clinical trials become increasingly international in nature, pharmaceutical companies must anticipate multicultural and multilingual contingencies in all aspects of clinical study planning. This is especially the case for the labeling of Investigational Medicinal Products (IMPs) because of complex linguistic and regulatory issues associated with them.

This Best Practices Review from LUZ explains the difficulties and potential missteps faced by trial sponsors who must create IMP labeling for regulatory approval in foreign countries. Simple translation of label content is not enough. In order to avoid rejections by regulatory authorities, sponsors must consider regional and national differences in IMP-specific labeling requirements that affect content as well as format of the labels.

Partnering with a Language Services Provider (LSP) that has expertise in conducting reviews of the regulatory landscape in foreign countries is a key success factor. The Review concludes by highlighting the fundamental steps that an LSP must take to conduct effective reviews of regulatory requirements in each trial country.

Read this Review to:

  • Understand how requirements for IMP label content and format may differ in different countries
  • Gain insights into the approval process for IMP labeling used in international clinical trials
  • Identify what experience and value-added services to look for when selecting an LSP to translate IMP labels

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